Friday, April 24, 2009

What is it about vintage?

I just explained to someone in one of my Internet groups why I love old things, and it really got me thinking about it. I don't think that something new can go through some kind of treatment and be passed off as vintage, well, at least it shouldn't. There is just something that new can never offer to me that only vintage can.
What is it about vintage that is so special to me? I don't know, I guess it's the feeling of it. All of the senses are enveloped in it. Take an old jar for example, what was in it? What does it smell like? I remember as a kid, my mom would save the pickle jars and my brother and I would go catch bugs and put them in the jars, we would poke little holes in the lid and carry our prize around all day in the back of our wagon. The faint smell of a washed out pickle jar brings that time back to me every time. I love going to an estate sale, all those old dresses and hats, you know that someone loved them so much. They have the great smell of old soap and ceder chips. Nothing can beat that. New is generic, it lacks character, give me old and used any day. I love to wear old vintage t shirts that are worn and faded, the slogans are barely visible, but it feels loved. My mom's old tshirt from Venice Beach, the one with the gondola on it, how can something new replace that? When you open an old makeup box and smell the greasy scent of vintage lipstick or the sweet essence of cold cream, or that set of 60 year old canning jars that still smell like spiced peaches, new can never make you feel that way. Ever.

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